Thursday, 11 December 2008

Another day dawns...

The loud thump you heard was the sound of me jumping on to a bandwagon.

There, I've done it now.

There is nothing new in Police blogs - certainly not in the UK, but with a few notable exceptions, most of the bloggers are PC's - or Police Constables, the starting rank for all Officers in the UK, and apart from inspector gadget and a long suffering fellow sergeant there don't seem to be many of us beyond PC level who are blogging. The reasons for this are varied no doubt.

But I don't care.

Anyhow, I've decided to start - and like most things Police related in the UK, I'll no doubt cover crime, diversity, the great British publicTM and all the other things that grind my gears...

So - first post - an anticlimax - apart from reviewing what others are posting on:

Shannon Matthews - (and the horrible sense of inevitability - it was always going to happen - somewhere and soon)
Knives - (war against sharp implements anyone?)
Police Standards of Behaviour (I love the last one... striaght from 1984 )
Community Payback for which, read this...
Free flip flops - (but what if we get sued for frostbite on little tootsies)
Baby P - (for which, I refer you to Nightjack's rule 4)
BNP... - - which caused me to chuckle looking at their list of hobbies and interests - I mean, when you look at the motley bunch of hucksters, snake oil merchants, self deluded egomaniacs, and downright idiots who are good enough to get into Parliament, regardless of their own personal beliefs, set against the party line - then think about the ones involved in politics at the regional and local council level - who does that leave for the BNP to recruit. The noise you hear is the sound of fingernails scraping the bottom of a filthy barrel.

the list goes on - I'll no doubt return to some of these topics when I'm calm enough to stop shouting at the telly...

Be safe out there.


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  1. Good luck with your blog.

    The job seems to have changed dramatically for the worse since I left, sometime in the last century.

    One nasty change is the way that the Home Office has encouraged Police Authorites to renege on solemn promises made in good faith.

    Former officers on an injury award pension have been told that their pensions will drop to the lowest amount permissable by law when they reach the age of 65.

    Most forces are implementing this draconian new rule retrospectively - to disabled officers already in the system.

    Many former officers face a drop in income of more than £10,000 a year.

    Can't be right. Essex and Leicestershire are doing the decent thing and are looking after their disabled pensioners as the law intended. The rest - well, they have seen a way to save money so are kicking those least able to defend themselves.

    There is a petition on the No 10 Downing Street web site, calling on the Home Office to rescind the guidance in Home Office Circular 46/2004.

    Perhaps readers of your blog might care enough about the plight of disabled former officers to add their signature to the petition.

    It is at:

    Many thanks,

    John McCall