Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sgt Custerd in 'No posts in July'

It's true.

But then again - I was busy.

Very busy.

Single crewed at work (should be three of us - there's just me).

Builders finishing off.

Major marital problems becoming a need to go to Relate.

Plus the wearying busyness of 21st century British family life.

Having time to stare into the distance and scratch my arse idly has been a luxury.

Blogging more so - so got neglected - all the while thinking of more stuff to write..... Aaaargh!

But 2 weeks leave always helps.

Sgt C.


  1. Hello there,

    As a busy business blogger, I know how much of your time & effort yours must take. I enjoy reading your articles.

    If you get chance, I wonder if you would mind having a look at my latest blog, that has been launched in support of the lads n lasses in the job?

    The link is

    I left the job as a DC with 10 years service back in 1989, to set up in business. I now jointly run a business called Nice 1 Ltd in the West Midlands, that promotes a national insurance product through 2000 brokers, motor manufacturers and dealers across the UK. (No promoting intended here!) Anyway, the policy provides a replacement vehicle for theft victims, so as you can imagine, it's proving popular. If you follow the website link it will take you to all our main site, (we run 6 in all!), so you can see what we're about.

    I really sympathise with the guys serving now, the job seems to have become a thousand times more bureaucratic and bogged down since '89 with all the Home Office figure fudging etc... none of which can make the "job" any easier.

    We have examined the case law closely and have found that there are simple ways to get the message out there that are within the law and eliminating the risk to the contributor.

    We want to canvass as much support for the site as possible among the front line guys (and also the former, retired, civvies in fact anyone who can provide informed content).

    The time is long overdue when political pressure and influence over day to day policing must be re-evaluated. All that it has brought is misdirected funding on expensive committees and planning, leaving nothing left in the pot for the real job of policing the streets.

    I can understand if not everyone will feel comfortable participating. Sometimes we face tough decisions about careers, livelihoods, mortgages and the like. Anything that might affect that has to be given very serious consideration.

    That is why we favour the anonymous route. YES, some commentators may suggest that issues and arguments are weakened by anonymity. However, there is an equally strong argument that crucial information to effect change that is greatly in the public interest, would otherwise never be seen in the public domain without anonymity.

    We will be extremely careful NOT to publish specific detail about officers, forces, or geographic areas that are vulnerable. We are mindful that the criminal fraternity may also read some of our publications and would not wish to expose a vulnerable area to an even greater criminal threat.

    Our motives are not-for-profit. Like yourselves, we simply want to raise public awareness and perhaps stimulate action from the right quarters to try and effect some positive change. This will be to all of our benefit, more especially, the tax paying citizens of which we are all included.

    Please visit the site(s) have a look at what we're doing. We're completely open with our activity and open to conversation and information anonymously or otherwise. The choice is down to the individual.

    Hope to see as many of you guys on our boards and posts in the near future.

    Best wishes to you all, and if no one has said it recently, on behalf of the British public that DO support you fully, thank you for all your wonderful efforts.

    Kind Regards


    Head of Crime Analysis
    Nice 1 Limited

    Telephone : 0844 414 2286
    E mail :
    Web :
    Consumers :
    Crime Analytics:
    Police :
    Brokers :
    Twitter :
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  2. Bearing in mind the nature of Sgt C's absence, I think it is very cheap to use that post as a coat hook for your flagrant advertising pitch.

    It takes some guts for a bloke to own up in public to not having everything properly under control; even more so when when one of the difficulties is marital. And then you use it for a bog standard set of advertisement links with absolutely no reference to the topics of the post.

    My request is that Sgt C delete the post above, and then delete mine so that there is no trace of Cyril's "Nice One, Son".


    Your misconduct today, Sunday 27th September included the soliciting of violence against me and a variety of libelling statements broadcast across the Internet by yourself, together with libelling statements and threats you incited others to make on your behalf. You published this libel on your blog ‘Inspector Gadget’ with a view to discrediting and harming me.

    On Monday 28th inst unprecedented steps in formal complaint procedure against police will be taken against a yet unknown identity by virtue of formal complaints lodged with a number of UK police forces. Related assistance will be sought from Press and MP’s to accelerate the process of your identification and the identification of commenters to the offending post, including a commenter ‘LURCHER’ to a substituted article at 2:48pm.

    By way of entirely separate proceedings, those acting on my behalf will contact you directly.

    You may wish to inform your publishers of this notice as soon as practicable.

    Dr M T Gray
    27th September