Saturday, 18 February 2012

Apologies for the delay

Hmmmm - nearly three years to update. Perhaps not a record - but I've been busy / distracted / otherwise engaged.

The good news is I'm still living the dream and working hard for our latest set of masters .

And bless 'em - ten times worst than the last bunch. . .

So - pay and conditions under attack, pensions to be hiked up and reformed, and staffing and budgets being cut, but the ever reliable Inspector Gadget does tend to prove that we're doing really rather well . Perhaps a little too well...

But, that said - between Ian Tomlinson, the disastorous coaverage of the hacking / leaks / bungs from News International and the usual hyperbolic reporting from my favourite comic and newspaper you can forgive my occasional cynicism.

Catch you soon....

Sgt C.


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