Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Compare and Contrast... Evil vs Awful...

Only Wednsday and two big criminal justice stories this week - firstly the truly horrendous gang rape of a vulnerable teenage girl which merited truly derisory sentences - of six, eight and nine years for the three defendants. These three were resposible for luring a vulnerable girl to a disused flat - subjected her to an inhuman attack - filmed it - injured her with caustic soda to try and destroy any forensic evidence, and thereby left her with physical as well as mental scars.

And then pleaded not guilty - forcing a trial - and then throughout the trial smirked and played up to their friends in the public gallery. The Coppersblog website reports that the derisory sentences - which - in real time - allowing deductions for time spent on remand - will equate to about two and a half to four years in custody.

This is nowhere near enough, and the lack of a media led outcry against such piss-poor sentencing is a disgrace.

I cannot for a moment understand how the sentencing Judge thought this was even remotely appropriate. Even allowing for some really heart rending mitigation by M'lud's colleagues at the Bar - and let's face it - all three would have had to have claimed to have suffered similar fates themselves to even come remotely near arguing for some leniency - how are sentences like these a punishment or deterrence. They are more like a passing annoyance. Were any of these three first time offenders? I don't know - but I strongly doubt it.

On the other hand, a team of animal rights fanatics have been sent away for a range of sentences from four to eleven years for a campaign of threats, intimidation, blackmail and damage against Huntingdon Life Sciences. This group were involved a long standing conspiracy and were highly committed and motivated. They too terrified and intimidated their victims - but unlike Rogel McMorris, Jason Brew and Hector Muaimba - I don't believe the SHAC members actually maimed anyone. (But had they felt it necessary - I'm sure they would have done more than think about it).

Different Courts, different cases, different judges. One where the sentence fits the crime - the other pitiful by comparison. One where a single female victim was taking the stand - the other where companies and business people were attacked. One where the motivation was in the defence of helpless others - the other where the motivations were lust and hate.

The sentences in the rape case were bad enough - but when held up against another awful and horrifying record of criminal vileness - it makes me feel ashamed of what passes for justice in this country.

Sgt C.


  1. I agree. The sentences were disgraceful.
    That poor girl will suffer for the rest of her life.
    They should have been given life sentences.

  2. Is it cos they is black.

  3. Hi. I'm a survivor of rape and I just wanted to say thanks for highlighting this issue. Too often rape is brushed under the carpet, I'm glad there's people like you who will stand up and say how awful it is.