Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Trebles all round...

Thanks to the BBC for this view from a town centre near you...

January sale at the Tokyo Project

Where the management of a modest sized night club have decided to offer £5.99 entry and 'All you can drink' - til 3 am.

Which today equates to $8.48 or 6.44 Euro.

Bear in mind this place will open at maybe 9 to 10 pm.

So a good five hours drinking, followed by spilling out into the street, and then a competition for taxis and kebabs.

This is OK assuming responsible drinking, level heads, peaceful and reasonable punters, and certainly no class 'A' drugs to interact badly with a full belly of ale.

'What's that Sooty? That's not the reality of a town centre at 2am? It's full of bad tempered people, drinking on empty heads?'

Surely not.


  1. How do you make money with a cover charge and then all you can drink? There has to be a catch.

  2. I suggest with 500 punters, that's quite a big budget for booze at wholesale prices...

    Makes you wonder about VAT returns, NI contributions, public liability insurance, public entertainments licenses, safety measures, staff wages and so on...

    I'm sure a shrewd head for business would make it work...

  3. The government legislate for and against everything (especially if theres a drink it in) but don't see the problems that this may course. The banking crisis gives us a clue about their foresight.
    I sleep safe in my bed at night knowing that Jacqui Spliff is keeping watch.